My wife, Kay, and I had the opportunity to meet Alex after she was paired with us as a dance instructor for the first "Dancing with the Stars" event in Marquette County. My first thought was "to bad for her" as we had no instructed dance experience and very few skills to go along with it. The experience was amazing!  Given that she had very little to work with she was able to guide us through a Latin dance routine while making the experience fun and very enjoyable.  We would highly recommend learning to dance with Alex. ~ Mike Angeli

Prior to our wedding, my husband and I knew we wanted (needed) to take dance lessons.  Neither of us had any formal training and we both tried to "lead" the other...which only led to toes being stepped on and a whole lot of frustration.  Little did we know when we met with Alexandrea for our dance lessons we would end up with a complete choreographed first dance as well as instruction that helped us both learn how to dance better together in any setting.  The entire experience was so much fun, brought us closer together, and left our guests talking about our first dance for months to come!  Alex was wonderful to work with, made us feel so comfortable, catered to our experience level, and kept us smiling!  ~ Natalie

We have had first hand experience with Alexandrea Riley's dancing knowledge through participation of the Dancing with The Stars fundraiser 2015. Alex was able to teach novice dancers the Tango, but with a Renaissance influence! She choreographed to suit our abilities. We have had the pleasure to observe Alex in many community performances, as a participant and volunteer. She is a kind, patient and effective instructor, with a great knowledge of her craft which results in quality coaching!! Her personality is contagious, and we think she is ADORABLE!!! ~Stephen and Deborah Wissler 

Andy and I were a bit intimidated to participate in Dancing with Our Stars for their 2nd year. We really had never danced. The only experience with dancing that we had was watching our daughter dance. Alex was so patient, fun and just plain awesome.  We loved going to every single lesson. We looked forward to it. She taught in a way that worked for us. She paid a lot of attention to how we learned. Our very first lesson, she spent about 20 minutes just working on walking with us (that’s how bad we were)….we ended up winning the dance portion of the event and took home the Mirror Ball Trophy!  Alex rocks! ~ Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois